Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chilling with Allison and Tyler

I insisted on taking these pics..since we are moving soon I have gotten very picture happy. The guys were playing the play station and us women thought we would watch Twilight and eat treats. The guys were making fun of us because we were watching the movie on Allison's little 3 yrs old princess TV. Hey its all good..we love that movie. I'm in love with Edward!


Brandon & Andrea Smith said...

Awe...I am jealous.

DenBoers said...

That was so fun! Lets do it again soon! this time we'll watch bride wars:) As long as we sneak out rachy's princess t.v. while she's sleeping:) haha! Love you Jack!

Frips said...

Oh how fun! I don't think they picked the cutest guy for Edward, but I am in love the book Edward for sure!