Sunday, February 15, 2009

Well things with us are going great! Nothin new..i wish i could say there was. We are both staying busy with school and work. We are both stoked to say that we are in our last semester!! As for medical schools we are still waiting to hear from a few before we will make a decision. We should hear from the schools by March. We are dying waiting..we are wondering where we will be moving this July...crazy! I'm going to be staring my boards this March and will finish in May to get my Dental Hygiene license. This semester is kicking my butt, but it's all good I'm almost done! 

This is what we do on our spare time

Check out Brandon's beard, he is pretty proad of it! Babe your becoming man!

This is what we do when we are board..we look hot huh?

Snowmass Colorado

Last week we went to Colorado with Brandon's family to go skiing and it was a blast!! Everyone was there and it was so fun to hit the slopes, play cards, and chill in the hot tub.

    Natalie I'm so sad your not in the pic with us. Sorry you were sick!

Rockin out with guitar hero!!

Thanks Lance and Chelsea for letting us come over and jam out!! You guys rock at guitar hero! 

Ugly Sweater Party!

Dude we look hot! Brandon's sweater was the best! It had mini christmas lights on it that lit up, it was hilarious.

Happy 24th Birthday Brandon!!

Brandon's birthday is christmas eve..poor guy!! My mom made him his favorite cake-german chocolate. It is a fav of mine also, i could eat the frosting plain. I love you so much babe your the bomb.

Visiting Andrea in Arizona

It was so fun visiting Andrea and Brandon in Arizona. They sure showed me a great time!! The shopping in Arizona rocks! I love you guys, thanks for everything!!