Thursday, November 6, 2008

Check us out!

These are the last minute costumes we came up with. We love dressing up! My family had a halloween party at my sister Kat's house and it was a blast. We had a donut eating contest, played games and went trick or treating with my nieces and nephews. My family is the best and its always a good time when we get together. My dad and reed tied on the best costume contest so they had to have a arm wrestle for the dad won, go dad!

Witches night out at Gardner Village

This was my first time going to Gardner village. It was fun to see all the ladies that went all out and dressed up as witches. It was crazy busy, but it was fun to walk around and look at the cute shops and get a treat. Check out the crazy white head mask..we were freaking out as it starting walking towards us, when we were in our car waiting at a stop light. I had to take a pic. I went with my friends Rachel and Jenna, it was great to see them.

Still waiting...

Well we are officially going crazy waiting to here back from the other schools Brandon applied to. We will keep you all posted..we are waiting to hear back from Iowa and Utah. Other than that we are doing good. My schooling is kicking my bumb, but it is all good only 6 more months!! Brandon has a pretty chill semester, so he has been enjoying a break. Ok change of subject, but have you been watching prison break? Well we sure have..and it is such a good show. This weeks episode was crazy! If you have not been watching it, start now!! 

Chillin in Park City

I just remembered I had these pics. We went to Park City to celebrate our anniversary in July and thought we were pretty cool going for a scenery ride on the ski lift. We also saw these rad chairs at a skate store and had to take a pic!