Saturday, October 24, 2009

Indian food is sooo good!

In Charlottesville there are a lot of authentic restaurants. There is a place here called the Historic Downtown Mall with fun shops and food. Last night we decided we needed to try some Charlottesville grub and went to an Indian food restaurant. It was sooo good. Brandon and I where brave..we usually don't branch out when it comes to food. The atmosphere was awesome. Brandon got spicy curry and I got Indian chow mien. My favorite was the Indian bread called nahn. If you haven't tried Indian food you definitely should.

"So you think you can dance"

"So you think you can dance" season 5 came to Richmond, Virginia and we went to the show!! Wow it was so awesome!! Our friend Randi Evans is a dancer and she is amazing. Our seats were sixth row on the floor, right in front of the stage...we were in the action! Brandon and I had so much fun, and it was so cool to meet the dancers after the show.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Home Made Fall Wreath

I have had a lot of spare time on my I'm trying to be crafty to keep me occupied when Brandon is studying. This is my first home made wreath!

Brandon's White Coat Ceremony

The medical school does a ceremony for the 1st year med students to receive there white coat. Brandon receives a short white coat as a student and when he graduates and becomes an MD he will receive another white coat that is long. The ceremony is a big deal and the university did a great job making the students feel important. Each student came to the stage one by one to put on the coat and get their picture taken. I'm so proud of you babe! Good luck in school, your doing great!

Visiting Thomas Jefferson's House

Last week we went on a tour of Thomas Jefferson's house. It is about 20 min from our house. It was awesome to see! It was crazy to walk through his house and picture him living there. He owned 3000 acres that he inherited from his father. We saw the graveyard where he and his family were buried. The gardens and the vineyards are still kept up and are beautiful! We watched a movie about all he had done and then hiked a path up to his house. We had fun and thought it was pretty cool to take a pic with his statue at the end of our tour. There is a lot of history here in Virginia.

Our New Place in Virginia

We moved to Charlottesville, Virginia the end of July and have been here for over 2 months. We are all moved in and settled in our new place! Here are a few pics. So far we really like it here. Things are going good for Brandon, he is keeping very busy with school. I'm working full-time at a Dental Office, and its going well. We have been very blessed and grateful everything has been working out for us!