Monday, May 19, 2008

Brandon Studying for the MCAT..only 5 more days

This is where Brandon has been spending most of his time since the end of April. He has been studying so hard, to prepare for the MCAT. He takes the exam this friday, May 23rd. He can not wait to get it over with. He is so disciplined with studying and i know he will do a great job! He should get his score about three weeks after the exam and then the applications for medical school will be submitted. We are looking forward to see what schools are interested in him and where our options are for medical school.

We are both not in school for the summer and are looking forward to spending alot of time together after he is done with the MCAT. We are both working full time in the summer until school starts up again in the fall.

Babysitting Jaxon & Ryker

Me and Brandon babysat my brother's kids for 4 days and we had a fun time! We just got ready for bed and are all hanging out on the love sac to watch cartoons before we put the little guys to bed. Being an aunt and uncle is the best.
Allison is the bomb! We always have a great time when we hang out! She is pregnant with her second baby and I'm so excited.
We are hanging out at my sister Jen's house. This is the meeting place when all the family gets together. Its always fun to see everyone. Brandon planned this get together to celebrate my birthday.

Jazz vs. Houston Rockets

One team one dream baby! Oh my gosh playoff games are so much fun..i can't even explain how loud and pumped the crowd is. Everyone at the game was wearing these t-shirts and the arena looked awesome. The place was so loud and full of energy it gave you the chills. This was our first time going to a playoff game..and we had a blast even though they lost. Go Jazz!
We had to take a pic by the statue of Karl Malone and John Stockton.

Happy Birthday to me! April 24th

Today i turned 23! I feel so old. I had such a fun day. Brandon is such a wonderful hubby and made sure it was a good day. We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and after we went to a Jazz game. It was so much fun! Brandon is the best. 

Jazz playoff game-April 21

We love to watch the Jazz games, especially during playoffs. We can't miss a game! Brandon is a huge Jazz fan. This is the only time he was sitting down during the game. He is usually pacing around, hitting the floor..etc. Nate Leavitt and Lance & Chelsea Lawrance are good friends who came over to watch the game.

We love to hangout with our nieces and nephews. Kate is visiting from Connecticut so we just had to take a pic, because we don't get to very often. She is so fun! By the way don't worry about that thing poking out on my neck I have no idea what it is...
I have such great sister-in-laws! I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful family. Lindsay came to visit and it was so great to spend time with her and her two darling little girls. We miss her so much and enjoy when she comes to visit!
I was in charge of girls night for our bunko group and we went to Brick Oven. Yum it is my favorite restaurant! It was so good hang out with my sister Kat, Brittney, Tiffany, and Kelsey. I miss them, and wish I saw them more. Me and Brittney were next door neighbors growing up and are good buds.